A Wilder Bloom

Owner Larry Wood shares the trends he’s seeing in flowers, whether you’re ordering a bouquet or arranging your own

Photo by Emily Toth


  • Consider grander flowers for every day. Blooms like hydrangea and calla lilies, which used to be special- order, are now readily available at flower shops – and at a price point far lower than in the past.
  • While elegant single blooms are always striking, the arrangement of the moment is wilder and more organic. Tight bouquets and rib- bons are generally being passed over in favor of a farmers’ market look. Dahlias have been a hit, and many clients arrange their garden- inspired selections themselves.
  • But “wild” doesn’t mean just wild- flowers. Especially in summer, consider unusual choices like succulents, herbs and berries, which will give your bunch texture, depth and character.
  • It used to be that customers didn’t feel they were getting their money’s worth unless their flowers arrived in a clear glass vase. Now brides and other clients want quirkier choices like ceramics, wooden boxes and galvanized buckets. Mercury glass is particularly on-trend right now – just don’t tell your trusty Mason jar.

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