At heart, and probably when I’m at my best, I’m a storyteller. I can write and edit copy, but really telling stories is my strength. Because clients and publications have such different needs, fees are sometimes assessed by project and sometimes by the hour or page, and this is best discussed one-on-one.


I’m happy to make quilts of any size, with as little or as much input as a client wants to have, from design to color palette. Baby quilts start at $300, and larger quilts with more advanced techniques can cost $2000 or more. Smaller wall quilts cost less and can still include difficult techniques. They’re a great choice if you like the look of a particular quilt but don’t need it to keep you warm!


I currently don’t charge for photography except in instances when a client asks for photos along with a story (hence, the captivating bologna sandwich pic!). I just like taking pictures and wanted a place for them in my portfolio.