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Fear not, foodies. Chef Aaron Benjamin assures that with a little know-how, it’s not hard to snag a two-top or reserve a long table for a big family meal at his wildly popular restaurant.

Philip Demarco has been part of the Gocciolina team since the beginning. -Photo by Briana Brough
  • Call for a reservation 24 to 48 hours in advance, but know that popular seating times may be full. Think outside the 6:30-7 p.m. window.
  • For weekends and larger tables, you’ll want to make that call at least a week ahead of time.
  • Have a birthday or anniversary you want to celebrate on a particular day? You can make reservations about two months in advance – Aaron insists there’s really no need to make them further out than that.
  • Remember, too, that Gocciolina reserves a significant part of the restaurant for walk-ins, so when the mood strikes and you must have some carbonara, go for it!
  • No matter how you get there, once you do, be ready to enjoy yourself and to share plates with your family and friends. The seasonal menu changes regularly, and the specials board is always worth checking out. If you’re not already a regular, you will be.

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